Youth Inclusion and Development Programme

‘The Youth Inclusion and Development Programme’ acts as our education hub and is central to the efforts all of our staff here at The Noor Initiative.

After acceptance onto our programme our department of skilled staff, through a series of assessments, identify those who wish to further their understanding of digital media, script writing and film production and work with those groups in small progressive learning sets of between 4-6 students gradually helping them to develop their understanding and application of each of these disciplines.

The Youth Inclusion and Development staff have vast experience in assisting young people of whom some were offenders via YOT's, community and national charities and various other third sector organisations. Our endeavour in this field has been rewarded with many success stories from previous trainees and students as many of them, via our workshops, have successfully aquired valuable vocational qualifications as well as life skills. But more importantly, after having progressed through the course, have been provided with continued guidance and support.
In essence this is where the real transitional work begins for those who are accepted onto our programme, as once completed each of our successful graduates are then referred to ‘The Open Book Project’ who, through our partnership with them, ensure university places to those wishing to further their education by facilitating access to a undergraduate BA/BSc (Hons) of their choice.
Open Book’ are by far one of the most innovative third sector organisations operating within the education sector and currently have offices within many of London’s leading campuses such as Goldsmiths, London School of Economics and Queen Mary University of London. Successful completion of our programme will therefore ensure that those who apply themselves will receive a first class university education in a subject of their choice in any one of the above campuses they decide they wish to begin their academic journey with.

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