I wanted to write and thank you personally for the presentation you gave the Barking College students at Blantyre House on Tuesday. It was one of the most impactive and professional talks I have heard and we will without doubt be asking for futher visits with other young people who take part in our project. I realise this was a voluntary excersise that you had no obligation to participate in, and for that I am sincerely grateful.

I cannot overstate how important the type of presentations that you and your colleagues give represent. We were so impressed, in fact, that we will be talking further with our board with a view to inviting you in the future to play a full part in both our mentoring efforts and further presentations.

John Powell - Superintendent/Met-Track Scheme Director


Bilal Dunn came to work at UNLOCK as a volunteer where I was Chief Executive. I noted that he was a very hard working, studious man who showed a sense of decency and respectfulness that was quite rare whilst his devotion to learning how best he could implement The Noor Initiative's social impact stategy impressed me even more. He showed a great interest in our charity and the client group which we represented and as a result we had many discussions on how to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds reach their full potential.

He explained to me his idea for the Noor Initiative and how it would work. My knowledge of the third sector helped me to gauge in greater depth what he intended to do, and I must admit to being truly impressed. I have worked in the charity sector for over a decade as a Chief Executive and Government Adviser and people come to me with all sorts of ideas, some are just dreams, others good but not thought out properly and some are solid and workable.

Bilal laid his plans out before me and they were well thought through. He had researched his client group well and this I felt would be a benefit to all concerned. As a result I gave him my advice and guidance which he appears to have acted upon and which I am most pleased to see.

He is a very committed and decent man worthy of support and his project is based upon solid ground-work and research and has my full support. My only hope is that you shall now offer him yours.

Bobby Cummines. OBE. FRSA. MUNiv.

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