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Networking with Offenders and Offering Resolve (NOOR) is an innovative third sector social enterprise which was founded by its Chief Executive Bilal Dunn in urgent response to the growing need we have as a society to engage with our fractured youth community.

It has since developed educational programs through some of the Arts and Social Media as a way of bringing about social change by way of youth development. This has been achieved both locally within communities and amongst designated sections of the growing offender population within many of our country’s Young Offender and Adult Prison Institutions.

The four part curriculum for our students involves:

  • Participation in Separate Ways
  • Engaging in the Youth Inclusion & Development Program
  • Social & Victim Awareness through Arts & Social Media
  • Mentoring


During this period what The Noor Initiative have done is successfully use this platform to ensure the special treatment of offenders in the hope that this will bring about procedural fairness and social inclusion.

We also understand much of the legal framework which surrounds many of the issues which relate to mental health, deaths in custody and any respective inquest which may result from them, which means that as an organisation we also offer a high level of legal awareness and current case law.

As a result we use this understanding we have to assist the families of those held as they too are often in dire need of this type of support as it is all too common that the families of those who are affected have little or no understanding of issues which relate to Prison Law.

This can typically lead to them having all sorts of anxieties about the level of support they are then able to offer. So as an organization we view this as being an equally valuable service.

Finally, as a way of helping to bridge the gap for offenders upon release we also provide a resettlement branch, similar to some of the ‘Through the Gate’ initiatives. This is geared towards enabling offenders who are under supervision access back into pro-social employment whilst liaising with other outreach agencies to help with any accommodation concerns.

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